Unbelievable Cycling Success Stories

1. A journey of a stockbroker to pro-cyclist in 1 year-

It takes courage to quit a successful job for chasing your dream.

It takes courage to get out of your comfort zone and chase your dream.

It takes courage to be wise, to be exceptional.

It takes courage to make it happen, to take risks.

Alex Richardson, a 29-year-old British cyclist had that courage to turn his dream into a reality.

Alex Richardson winning Severn Bridge in 2019
Alex Richardson was not a pro-cyclist from the beginning. It was the year 2015, Alex was a stockbroker and was enjoying a successful career, but Alex did not find it fascinating at all. At 26 years of age, he used to do road cycling as a hobby, riding a bicycle for hours without getting bored when he finally realized cycling is soo fun, it's a great feeling. He founded something interesting, something that he is really passionate about. He believed that he can do something in the field of cycling, so he decided to chase his dream, to be a pro-cyclist.

In just a few months he quit his job and began working on his dream to be a pro. Alex trained aggressively to reach a competitive level. he used to ride 25-30 hours a week and rode about 28000 miles in that first year. Within 1 year after his first race, he was offered a contract with UK domestic crew.In 2017 Alex joined UCI continental team one pro cycling but struggled with weight problems.

He quickly left one pro cycling team and persevered biking without a crew and gained Britain's most well-known one day race as a maverick rider-LINCOLN GRAND PRIX in 2018.

Alex Richardson Winning Lincoln Grand Prix 2018
Alex currently rides for UCI Continental team Canyon DHB p/b Bloor Homes.

2. A woman who rides 20000 miles a year on her bike-

For some people cycling is fun, For some people, its an adventure, For some people cycling is a career, it's their passion, But for Lael Wilcox, a 31-year-old woman from Anchorage, Alaska, cycling is not just a ride it's the oxygen of her life to live for.

leal wilcox
Lael Wilcox is an ultra-endurance bicycle racer, but Lael isn't just any normal bike rider, she is exceptional.she rides a lot. For the past four years she rides more than 20000 miles a year(oh my god it's insane, isn't it). Can you imagine anybody who rides 20000 miles a year that too on a bicycle? Lael Wilcox rides more miles on her bicycle than most people do on their car.

20000 miles is almost the circumference of the earth that's 24901 miles, means Lael has literally ridden around the globe for the past four years.

Wilcox, though considered relatively inexperienced in road racing, broke the record of women on the Tour Divide by more than two days in 2015. In 17 days, 1 hour and 51 minutes, she covered the 2,745-mile race, despite stopping for an emergency room visit due to respiratory infection.

tour divide mountain biking route

In 2016, Wilcox took part in the 4,400-mile Trans Am Bike Race, which runs from west to east across the United States. For 18 days, she averaged 235 miles a day, averaging less than 5 hours of sleep per night and sprinting the final 130 miles off the coast to become the first woman and the first American to win the race.

trans america bike race route

3. The hunger guide to loss weight-

Cycling is not just about having an adventurous riding experience, It can also be your perfect guide in the path of losing weight.

This real-life story will change your perception towards cycling by informing you that it's not just a ride, but it's also a fun way for individuals who want to lose weight and change their lifestyle.

It was January 2013, A man from Decatur, Illinois named James Mitchell was facing a serious obesity problem which made him depressed and was not able to live his life happily. He was the biggest he had ever been (weighted above 301 pounds). The problem was soo serious that he couldn't even bend over to tie his shoes. He couldn't spend quality time with his family because he used to be tired every time. He had to do something to change his life.

On January 9, 2013, he made a commitment to change his life. He had a passion for riding a bicycle as a child, so he saw cycling as an option to put off his weight. He visited a cycle dealer and bought himself a giant bicycle (Giant offers all levels of bikes-from beginners to high-end). James rode an impressive 1200 miles that summer which ultimately helped him to put off his weight from 301 pounds to 188 pounds (wow that's amazing). The stronger he got, the better he felt about riding and was able to ride with stronger riders.

Within one year he was able to achieve the goal he had set on January 9, 2013, by managing to lose about 128 pounds of weight.

Cycling gave James Mitchell a purpose in life and he managed to change his life by losing 128 pounds of weight within 1 year.

Changing lifestyle to be healthier is not easy but it's about finding something you love doing, something that will naturally help you become healthier. For James cycling was that passion that helped him to change his life.


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