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Cute Dog Backpack Carrier

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Dogs are the Cutest when they are Puppies, don't let them stay away from you for a single moment.

  • Make your Outdoor Trip even more Joyful with your Cute Little Puppy. Thanks to this amazing Dog Backpack Carrier specially Designed for Small Dogs.
dog backpack carrier
  • It's Revolutionary Legs-Out Design makes your Dog Feel at Ease and Comfy even for a long time.
  • Placing your puppy in and taking your puppy out of the backpack is as simple as dressing and undressing your puppy.
small dog carrier
  • It's Breathable and Thick Padded Mesh Fabric provides Physical Ease and Relaxation for Both of you and your pet.
  • Comes with Adjustable Straps which can be adjusted as per your dog's comfort and safety.
  • This cute dog backpack carrier is designed in such a way that it can be worn on both the sides- Back as well as Front.
  • It is also an ideal carrier for cat.
  • Available in Different Sizes and Weight carrying capacity. (Refer to the size chart below for better understanding).
dog backpack

You may have some doubts and queries in your, let me solve it.

1-How much weight of a dog can this backpack carry?

It depends on the size of your dog. we have different size of the backpack - S size can carry up-to 2.5kg kg weight, M size can carry up-to  4kg weight, L size can carry up-to 7kg weight and XL size can carry up-to 10kg weight max till 30kg weight.

2- Are the dog backpack carrier safe for puppies?

Backpack carrier is totally safe for your puppy as it always keeps them securely carried with you, restricting them from unnecessary roaming while we are busy elsewhere, which can be dangerous for your puppy sometimes. Your puppy will comfortably enjoy being carried in the backpack due to its legs-out design.

3- How do I fit my dog into the backpack? 

  • Lay you sack flat on the ground.
  • Place your puppy inside the bag and then lift the armholes and leg holes over your puppies arm and legs.
  • Pass your puppies tail through tail hole located at the bottom of the backpack.
  • Lock the back with those well-crow straps.
  • Lastly, close both the side chains.
  • Remember to check that your puppy is in ease.
  • Lift it over your shoulder and wear it on your back or front as you wish.
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