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Silicon scrubber gloves

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You can now clean any dirty surface effectively and also wash fruits without worrying to make hands dirty or wet.

  • Are you unhappy by washing your hands everytime after cleaning dirty surface or washing kitchen utensils?
  • Well, don't worry, we have found a solution for this day to day problem and that is silicon scrubber gloves.

Here's why you will love it. 

  1.  Its effective.
  2.  Its easy to use.
  3. Its durable.
  4. Its FDA detected, so you can also use while washing fruits.
  5. 100% food grade silicon.
  6. Universal size, perfect fitting.
  7. Time saving.
  • So why make your hands dirty when you dont have to?
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  • weight- 240gm.
  • Thickness- medium thick.
  • Material- silicon.
  • Quantity- 1 pair (right hand+left hand). 

Delivery Time - 13 to 35 Business days.