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Dog Backpack Carrier

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Make your Dog your Travel Campanion and mark it as one of the Memorable Moments of your Life.

  • Now you don't need to Waste Time by Thinking about, How should you Carry your Beloved Dog Safely and Effortlessly wherever you Travel?
  • This Dog Backpack Carrier is all that you need.
  • Are you frustrated by carrying your dog on those dog crates? which feels heavy to carry and uncomfortable to both of you and your pet.
  • Then this is the easiest solution you got- Just Place your Dog Inside the Backpack Carrier, Wear it on your Back, and you are ready to go wherever you want.
  • Comes with Adjustable Straps which can be adjusted as per your dogs Comfort and Safety.
  • Available in Different Sizes and Weight Carrying Capacity. (Refer to the size chart below for better understanding).
size chart of dog backpack carrier
  • It is best suited for Medium and Large-sized Dogs.
  • This dog backpack carrier is made from Breathable Polyester Material which keeps the dog cooled inside.
dog carrier sling
  • Padded Shoulder Straps and Waist Belt for Better Comfort for the Carrier.
  • Now no need to keep your dog stay home or at your friends place, when you can carry them along with you.
  • May it be a Hiking Tour, Cycling, or any other Outdoor Travel, This backpack gives you a chance to take your beloved dog with you on those amazing trips.
  • Specially designed to carry dogs on those Adventurous Trips.
  • It's a win-win scenario for both, as your dog will get to explore new places and you will get to travel with your favourite companion.
  • Allows you to spend some Quality Time with your Pet.
  • This backpack also works as an Emergency Dog Carrier when an emergency like situation occurs.

You may have some doubts and queries in your, let me solve it.

1-How much weight of a dog can this backpack carry?

It depends on the size of your dog. we have different size of the backpack - S size can carry up-to 4 kg weight, M size can carry up-to  8 kg weight, L size can carry up-to 15 kg weight and XL size can carry up-to 25 kg weight max till 30kg in an emergency situation.

2- Are the dog backpack carrier safe?

Backpack carrier is totally safe for you as well as your pet, as it keeps your dog away from any injury and harmful element on the ground, such as- when you go for an adventurous hiking tour there can be deadly beasts like snakes which can harm your dog's health.

3- How do I fit my dog into the backpack? 

  • Lay you sack flat on the ground.
  • Place your dog inside the bag and then lift the armholes over your dog's arm
  • Then clip the collar clip around the dog's neck and gently place the rest of the dog inside the bag.
  • Lift up the zipper and zip your bag, remember to zip the zipper loop through the collar clip.
  • Adjust all the straps as per your dog's comfort and safety.
  • Lift it over your shoulder and wear it on your back.
  • Clip the shoulder straps and you are ready to go.

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