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Pet Grooming Gloves

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Notice your pets suddenly Loving you more after being groomed by these dematting tool.

  • Grooming pets have never been Soo Easy before, thanks to this Pet Grooming Comb.
  • Turn your hand into a grooming tool.
  • The Best part of these gloves is that it's Super Easy to Use and the only dematting tool which makes your Pet Feel Delighted even while being groomed.
  • It is the Easiest and Cost-Effective way to remove loose hairs from dogs coat.
  • Just Wear these gloves and Rub your hand on your pet's back and undercoat, yaa it's as simple as this.
  • It perfectly fits in your hand and doesn't slide.
  • Now you don't have to buy different tools for massaging and removing unwanted hairs from dogs coat.
  • Are you frustrated by noticing your dog's hair on couch, bed, car seats, on the carpet, and everywhere in your house? Then this dog dematting tool might be the thing for you.
  • It can be used on any pets, but it's the best dog brush for labs, german shepherd and husky.
best dog brush for german shepherd
  • The Pointed Pins on the palm area is specially designed to collect unwanted dog fur.
  • Now it's possible to reach all the way till the base of the coat to collect unwanted fur.
  • This dog grooming comb manages to loosen and stir up the fur, so it can be easy to wipe it away by the bristle brush.
  • Also can be worn while giving a shampoo wast to your pet.
  • Ideal for Daily Grooming.
  • Regular Brushing makes your dogs coat Softer, Clean and also Reduce Shedding.
  • Brushing your dog with these gloves make them stay calm and feel lovable.
  • Make your pet grooming session a Fun activity rather than Bore activity.
  • Best suited for Short and Medium haired dog.
  • Your dog might hate all the other brushes used to brush their coat, but they might definitely love this glove brush. If you don't believe then why not give a try yourself and notice what happens.
  • It becomes a win-win scenario, as your pets will love to be groomed with these gloves and it's also easy for you to use this dematting tool.
  • This grooming gloves also allow you to spend some quality time with your beloved pets.
  • It's a bit tricky to pill the hairs off the coat, but after you get used to it and do it in the right way then it'll become handy for you.
mat splitter
  • The more hairs get stuck on the gloves, the easier it becomes to pill it off the gloves.
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