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Professional Dog Grooming Clippers

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You make your Dog look Good and Feel Comfortable by Trimming their Furry Coat.

  • Traditional method of cutting your pet's hair by Grooming Scissors makes the task Difficult, Time Consuming, and Uncomfortable for both of You and your Pet.
  • Now, you don't need to worry about those problems.
  • Introducing to you, these Grooming Clippers which is Professionally Designed to Trim your dogs Thick and Matted Coat.
  • It's lot more Effective and Trims your dog's Furry Coat in a matter of minutes.
  • Having these grooming clippers also Saves you a Lot of Money, rather spend on visiting professional groomer for getting your pet's hair trimmed.
heavy duty dog clippers for matted hairs
  • This Dog Grooming Clipper is made from High-Quality Ceramic Blade which adds to its Sharpness and Durability.
  • Its USB Rechargeability and Cordless Functioning features makes this clipper Convenient and Easy to Use.
  • After being Fully Recharged this Cordless Grooming Clippers can work up-to Two Hours of Continuous Use.
clipper for dog haircut styles
  • It comes with 4 Detachable Limit Combs of different sizes ranging- 3mm/6mm/9mm/12mm so you can trim your dog's hair in different styles and make your dog look attractive and adorable.
  • It is engineered with High-Performance Battery and Copper Shaft Motor which generates Low Noise and Vibration.
  • You can tune the blade size from 0.8mm to 2.0mm which allows you to give a professional cut.
washable dog grooming haircut clipper head
  • It is equipped with Washable Trimmer Head which can be removed and installed very easily.
  • This dog grooming clipper is suitable for all dog breed and effectively works on long, thick, matted, short and curly hairs without any hassle.
  • In short, this grooming clipper is easy to use, comfortable for both, highly effective, less time consuming, convenient and durable.


  • 1 pet hair clipper.
  • 4 limit combs.
  • 1 USB data cable.
  • 1 cleaning brush.
  • 1 scissor.
For combo pack-
  • 1 pet hair clipper.
  • 4 limit combs.
  • 1 USB data cable.
  • 1 cleaning brush.
  • 1 nail clipper.
  • 1 nail polish device.
  • 1 comb.
  • 1 scissor.

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