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Swaddle Strap for Newborn

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Keep your Baby Happy and Healthy.

  • Hello dear parents, You are exactly doing the right thing because Babies too Love Swaddling.
  • Swaddling is been around for centuries, but now its time to go for Modern Swaddling.
  • These Swaddle Wraps are made from Soft Cotton Stretchable Knit Fabric Cloth.
  • Swaddling helps Calm a Fussy Baby.
  • Its Breathable Cotton Enhances Comfertness of Baby.
  • Swaddling a baby makes them Sleep Faster and also they Stay Asleep for a Longer Time.

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  • Eases Restlessness of a Newborn.
  • These Swaddle Straps are sized to fit babies up to 2 months.
  • No Zipper or Velcro used in this Swaddle Strap.
  • Swaddle your Baby with this Swaddle Wrap as they are designed in such a way that will Not Harm your Baby.
  • NOTE- Don't swaddle your baby all day long, swaddle only during baby sleep's to avoid hip dysplasia.
  • Congratulation for your cute little one and also check out our other amazing baby product for your newborn baby.

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